Redmine 5.1.1 and 5.0.7 released

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On November 28, 2023 (Central European Time), Redmine versions 5.1.1 and 5.0.7 were released. These are maintenance releases primarily focused on bug fixes. In the case of Redmine 5.1.1, there have been 11 fixes made compared to version 5.1.0.

Redmine is an open-source project management software. It can be freely installed in your own environment, such as on-premises servers, and is also available as a cloud service.

The Redmine 5.1.1 release includes significant fixes related to MySQL. Previously, there was a known issue when using Redmine with MySQL version 5.7 or later. This issue involved deadlocks occurring during updates to nested sets (a data structure used for parent-child relationships in issues and projects). This problem has been fixed in Redmine 5.1.1 (see issue #39437). Additionally, this fix also addresses inconsistencies that could occur in the parent-child relationships of issues and projects.

With the fix related to the nested set issue in Redmine 5.1.1, it's now required to change the transaction isolation level in MySQL from the default REPEATABLE READ to READ COMMITTED when using MySQL as the database for Redmine.

To implement this change, adjust the transaction isolation level in your MySQL configuration or within Redmine's database settings. In the config/database.yml file of your Redmine installation, you can specify the isolation level under the MySQL database configuration section like this:

  adapter: mysql2
  database: redmine
  host: localhost
  username: redmine
  password: "*****"
  encoding: utf8mb4
    transaction_isolation: "READ-COMMITTED"

You can find detailed information about the configuration of MySQL's transaction isolation level on the Redmine official website, specifically on the MySQL configuration page.


Common changes in 5.1.1 and 5.0.7 (4 changes)

Email notifications

  • Defect #39553: Mention notification is not sent (MENTIONPATTERN / LINKSRE inconsistency)
    There are cases where mention email notifications are not sent due to the string pattern of the login ID.


  • Defect #39521: Mention autocomplete not displaying for users without "Edit issues" permission
    Users without 'Edit issues' permission do not see autocomplete suggestions for mention targets.

Text formatting

  • Defect #38852: ## issue syntax is not kept when selecting an issue from the inline autocomplete
    Entering ## (two consecutive #) and then selecting a issue via autocomplete causes the # to reduce to one.

PDF export

  • Defect #39534: Error (undefined method) in issue list PDF export
    Exporting issues list to PDF may raise an exception.

Changes only in 5.1.1 (7 changes)


  • Defect #39437: MySQL / MariaDB issue nested set deadlocks and consistency
    Fix for the issue of deadlocks and corruption of nested sets (parent-child relationships) in MySQL and MariaDB.
  • Defect #39443: Invalid statement query error on MSSQL when role filter is used in issues query
    Fix SQL error in Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Patch #39737: Support MySQL 8
    Support MySQL 8.


  • Defect #39714: Query grouping filter not working for custom field relations
    In the issues filters, the labels of chained custom fields are not displayed correctly.

Gems support

  • Defect #39576: rake yard does not work with Ruby >= 3.2
    rake yard does not work with Ruby 3.2 and later.


  • Patch #39513: Bulgarian translation update for 5.1-stable
    Bulgarian translation update for Redmine 5.1 series.
  • Patch #39551: Simplified Chinese translation update for 5.1-stable
    Simplified Chinese translation update for Redmine 5.1 series

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